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Memories of Tomorrow (2005)Memories of Tomorrow (2005)
iMDB Rating: 5.7

Date Released : 19 May 2005

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Stars : Richard Thompson, Rachel Gilchrist, Ray Trickett, Coen Falke

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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John and Tanya are a happily married couple living an idyllic life in New Zealand. John does not remember his past while Tanya wants to look away from it. The arrival of a mysterious stranger, Roger, triggers off a chain of events which lead to an inevitable conclusion where the past, present and futures of all the three character collide.

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A tight suspenseful thriller with a believable plot and love interest.

Amit Tripuraneni's debut feature, the intriguing mystery thriller Memories of Tomorrow featured at the New Zealand Asian FILM FESTIVAL AOTEAROA 2005. John (Richard Thompson) and Tanya (Rachel Gilchrist) are a happy couple who seem to have it all: he's a writer, she's an artist, and they have the idyllic home, cars, boat, and love each other deeply. The only problem is John can't remember his past: a secret which comes back to haunt them when a mysterious stranger, Roger (Ray Trickitt), arrives and drags Tanya back into a world she thought they had left behind. As their dream life rapidly goes haywire John and Tanya have to reprise latent skills as they fight to extricate themselves from a very confused and messy situation. Shot in and around Auckland on DOP Lance Wordsworth's digital Panasonic DVX100a most of the film uses existing locations and natural lighting and props in the Dogme 95 style adopted by filmmakers like Lars von Trier (Idioterne – The Idiots –1995) and rather than being paid everyone worked on equity which kept the budget to an incredibly low $15,000 and dollar for dollar Tripuraneni's privately funded debut feature is light years ahead of Geoff Murphy's Spooked. Tripuraneni has done an amazing job with limited resources and I strongly recommend Memories of Tomorrow.

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