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Natasha (2007)Natasha (2007)
iMDB Rating: 4.6

Date Released : 28 August 2007

Genre : Thriller

Stars : Algina Lipskis, Sheyla Shehovich, Richard Lintern, Serena Gordon

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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A young Russian foreign exchange student arrives at the home of the vicar of a very proper english village whose residents are more than scandalised when her secret colorful past is suddenly revealed.

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Review :

Loved it! (Okay, pretty good, honestly)

My rating (9/10) is completely subjective-- probably because I'm a single guy, and I fell in love with Jenna Harrison-- and only not a full 10 due to the soundtrack.

Objectively? Honestly, how good could a film about a Russian stripper on the run mixing with an English family drama be? The movie begins like a typical action/thriller B-movie, complete with plenty of nudity and boring, amateurish gore effects. Then the film suddenly seems to switch roles to something less like "Pray for Power" and more like "Keeping Mum," as it moves to the English countryside and a surprisingly realistic and interesting community complete with realistic and interesting problems. The Loomis family and their neighbors are much more interesting than the Russian mob and police, which quickly (and fortunately) seems to turn into a subplot, with the family drama taking center stage.

There are a few plot holes that don't really bother me, considering the caliber of movie this is, but one of the worst things that would be the easiest to fix is the terribly abrupt, porny, too-loud soundtrack; thankfully it doesn't cue in all that often.

I'll admit I was probably in a much too forgiving mood after the sheer delight of watching Jenna Harrison and Algina Lipskis. If you're a serious viewer looking for a deep, touching drama.. don't watch it-- it's not quite that good. If you're just hoping to see some cute naked girls and a flimsy plot, you'll be pleasantly surprised. To me the summary goes something like this: "Softcore-porn marketing and opening decadence trick casual viewers into watching actually good movie."

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Streaming Natasha (2007) Online