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Gojira ni-sen mireniamu (1999)Gojira ni-sen mireniamu (1999)
iMDB Rating: 5.7

Date Released : 11 December 1999

Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Stars : Hiroshi Abe, Naomi Nishida, Takehiro Murata, Mayu Suzuki

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Godzilla returns in a brand-new movie that ignores all preceding movies except for the original with a brand new look and a powered up atomic ray. This time he battles a mysterious UFO that later transforms into a mysterious kaiju dubbed Orga. They meet up for the final showdown in the city of Shinjuku.

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Godzilla Millennium (1999)

Not the best start to a new series of Godzilla movies, but it'll do. It did have some work to do after the shitstorm that was the American Godzilla. It mostly makes up for that. We get a guy in a suit, looking better than ever. The film also brings us some CGI, with a wonderfully dodgy looking spaceship. I praise this film for not holding back on its imagination. I wish people would stay away from the American dubs. I've never seen one, and I've enjoyed the series thoroughly. This film had everything I'd come to expect, but seemed scared of being too outlandish. Hiroshi Abe also ruined a lot of the movie by having ONE look. Was it fear? Was it determination? Was it confusion? I'll never know.

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Watch Gojira ni-sen mireniamu (1999) Online