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Järngänget (2000)Järngänget (2000)
iMDB Rating: 4.0

Date Released : 7 April 2000

Genre : Thriller

Stars : Emil Forselius, Rafael Edholm, Alexander Skarsgård, Peter Lorentzon." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Forselius a bright spot

-"Do you need any help?" the guys shout to the two sisters in the canoe when they first meet. "Yes", they should have answered, a crash course in acting. With such a young cast, some leeway should be given for not achieving the level of Sir Laurence but still. The only bright spot here is Emil Forselius, as the quiet brother with a bad conscience. Of course, Per Oscarsson always deliver memorable roles but there's not much here for him to sink his teeth into.

The story itself is meandering with a subplot about a mother in the hospital who lives in her own world and a stolen summer house that doesn't really lead anywhere.

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