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Une affaire privée (2002)Une affaire privée (2002)
iMDB Rating: 6.3

Date Released : 30 April 2002

Genre : Mystery, Thriller

Stars : Thierry Lhermitte, Marion Cotillard, Samuel Le Bihan, Aurore Clément." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Review :

Moody, murky, sexy detective story - and a glimpse into the life of the detective

A moody, sexy French detective story with more than a passing nod to the film noir tradition. We enter the strange murky world of private detective François Manéri as he tries to find out what happened to a missing girl. There's a lot to keep track of, and lots of false leads, but the overall achievement is in creating the story through the eyes of the main character, with all his flaws, than in a cut and paste murder mystery. I found the European very natural depiction of the skilled but all too human detective captivating, in stark contrast to the more formulaic characters of American detective stories.

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Watch Une affaire privée (2002) Online