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Tollbooth (1994)Tollbooth (1994)
iMDB Rating: 4.6

Date Released : 1 November 1994

Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller

Stars : Fairuza Balk, Lenny von Dohlen, Will Patton, Seymour Cassel

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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A tollbooth attendant's fascination with a young woman who works at a gas station leads him into a love triangle and murder.

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Review :

Kind of Weird in a Good way

I only watched this for one reason, and she played a witch in the "Craft." In this movie, she plays an innocent piece of trailer park trash waiting for her absent father to come home after a ten year absence. Now that's a long wait ! Her boyfriend is played by Lenny Van Dohlen, one of those actors you always recognize, but don't know the name. There's side-plots on the disposal of dead bodies and what the toll booths are really there for, but the movie moves along so well, that it really doesn't matter. This film is definently a worth-see.

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Watch Tollbooth (1994) Online