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Terkel i knibe (2004)Terkel i knibe (2004)
iMDB Rating: 7.0

Date Released : 6 July 2006

Genre : Animation, Comedy, Drama, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Stars : Anders Matthesen, Kim Mattheson, Bill Bailey, Olivia Colman

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Terkel is a 6th grader, who is responsible for the suicide of the classmate, who's in love with him! Suddenly it's not just his annoying sister and his alcoholic uncle Stewart Stardust he has to deal with, he receives death treats. Only the new teacher, a young handsome and idealistic man, who the class just loves from day one, is able to help Terkel. But then it all culminates in a school trip.

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Review :

I was dissapointed..

As i was coming to this movie i expected a hilarious movie, the movie has gotten many positive reviews and generally just a lot of positive media coverage as well, also it has grossed very high for a danish movie, but i have to say i was dissapointed at how much lack the movie has of a real meaning, it feels sometime empty and build only on the brilliant usage of the danish language, which was good, but not funny in the way i had expected.

Anders Matthesen is one of the highest rated standup comedians in Denmark, and naturally he was bound to make a real movie at some point, well here it is, and it even takes full use of one of "Anden's" famous characters, Uncle Stewart, however, despite a good background for the movie, i was somehow dissapointed, the humour, as i had expected to be laughing to dead over this, i wasn't, instead i only found myself laughing once. Which i must admit, is too little for me when the movie is supposed have its strength of the humour. So basically i found the movie dissapointing becauase it was based on how you liked the humour, and as i didn't laugh much the story seemed rather empty, i did however enjoy the fantastic use of the danish language, that was perfect, all kind of slang, every little phrase of the danish language, natural as alternative, was used, it was great, and i'm every dane will think that watching this, while foreigners might have a problem.

The directing itself is fine i guess, it's an animated movie so it doesn't really exist i feel, but there are some scenes where the "camera" is used in a nice alternative way.

For the acting it's all Anders Matthesen, and yeah that is brilliant, he does voice for all the characters in the movie, which is a lot, and nowhere can you hear it's the same person doing it, just simply amazingly done.

I base my vote on what i thought of the movie really, besides "Anden's" genius use of the danish language and the great way of using his voice differently from all characters was fantastic, but besides this the movie didn't get really get to me, when you base a movie so much on the humour you better make sure it works, and it probably does work a lot for many, but i just didn't find it funny, and that makes the story seem kinda empty, even though there was a lot of morale in it, it just didn't cut through becuase it was far from what the movie intended to do.


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