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The Shape of Evil (2002)The Shape of Evil (2002)
iMDB Rating: 5.8

Date Released : 1 October 2002

Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Stars : Joaquin Fr. Cheney, Debby Leigh McMahon, Erica Tuten, Marc Anthony Massimei." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Evil Highlights

Evil Highlights: Evil VS. Evil! Evil Angel and Evil Twin found themselves constantly annoying one another today. Their rivalry is apparently growing although today's war favored Angel over Twin.

Shindig cometh! After a long absence, the one and only Infinite Shindig has returned to us! We can only hope he stays around long enough for us to whip him back into the shape he once was in.

(Edit: Shindig left this war with a welt from the Daemon that lasted some 9 whole days) Evil found a dart. Stuck in a tree. Literally, it had been fired out of a gun, and was inside the bark. It had broken through the tree's hard surface, and was stuck in it. Yes, this is no joke.

Warlock had mixed results today. Although he shot WeeMan in the glasses, he managed to break his new gun "Revenge". Hopefully it will be back up to tip top LCM shape in time for the next war.

Evil Angel barely escaped with his life today. Evil Twin and Howard were on a mission to kill him apparently. The first two darts that were sent his way, were dodged with less than three inches to either side of his face, and then right after Evil Angel popped off a shot at Evil Twin from twenty feet away (which connected for a kill shot), Howard fired off his Pamela. This shot, barely dodged by Evil, came within inches of his face. Nearly three headshots in a row, all consecutive, and all within seconds of each other. It must have been a miracle those darts didn't connect!

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