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Septem8er Tapes (2004)Septem8er Tapes (2004)
iMDB Rating: 5.7

Date Released : 12 November 2004

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Stars : George Calil, Wali Razaqi, Sunil Sadarangani, Baba Jon

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Accompanied by an Interpreter, Wali Zarif, and a cameraman, Sunil, Don Larson, heads out to Afghanistan in order to locate Osama Bin Laden, the man George W. Bush believes was responsible for the terrorists attacks in the U.S.A. on September 11, 2001. Little does Don realize that soon he will face opposition from Wali himself and must face facts that the terrorists attacks were as a result of his country's 'foreign policy'; he will be arrested and held by the local Police; beaten by Al-Qaeda sympathizers who tell him that they and many others will not rest until Americans are forced to leave every Muslim country; and join hands with a bounty hunter, Babak Ali, to travel to the region bordering Pakistan, even after being fully aware that there is an open bounty on every westerner in the region.

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Guerilla filmmakers take note. This film delivers!

Just for starters, YOU take a small crew to Afghanistan, shoot a film, and get back to me. That India served as a base of operations for this film is no different than Sydney doubling for San Francisco. Get over it. I don't know what the previous reviewers are on, but I can only assume they'd be happier watching 'Independence Day' while stuffing their faces with popcorn. This film says 'Drama' right on the box. That anyone mistook it for a 'Documentary' is their own doing. In my humble opinion, this film embodies the true spirit of indie film-making. The gun play alone puts many multi-million dollar schlock films to shame. Given their limited resources, I was not at all phased by the rare weak moment in the film. To note that this film condones an 'America rules' sentimentality is ludicrous. This is a story about one man's will to seek justice for himself, and what he believes is a serving of justice for all humanity. You don't have to agree with it - you just have to accept this character's objective for what it is. As an actor myself, I would have been thrilled to have worked on this project. What a roller-coaster ride it must have been to get this in the can. I don't just take my hat off to the makers of this film - I'm throwing it up in the air too. A commendable effort that should be rewarded with due recognition if you ask me.

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