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The Rockville Slayer (2004)The Rockville Slayer (2004)
iMDB Rating: 2.9

Date Released : 10 July 2004

Genre : Thriller, Horror

Stars : Circus-Szalewski, Nicole Buehrer, Joe Estevez, Michael Kessler." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Rockville Slayer? A skunk by any name will still stink

The producers are changing the name from Unaware to The Rockville Slayer: it won't help. I think they are changing the name because this was supposed to be marketed as a psychological thriller about knowing who you really are. That whole idea is completely lost in the clumsy writing, middling acting & unimaginative direction. Maybe now the producers think they are going to exploit the angle of the killer on the loose. But there's no terror inflicted by the slayer here. Each scene is lifted from the b-movie play book and you know who is going to get skewered 5 minutes before each plunge of the knife. There's some nice looking newcomers in the cast and they carry most of the action. If you can call it "action." There's a lot of standing around and talking and crying and self-pity. The lead cop is badly miscast. The veterans in the cast are clearly slumming for a check and probably forgot about their visit to the imaginary Rockville the day after their check cleared. Especially wasted are Joe Estevez and Robert Z'Dar. Haggard ex-scream queen Linne'a Quigley has never looked more tired. Whoever photographed her should never work again. I doubt you will ever hear from anyone else listed in the credits. Not worth a video purchase or a rental. Watch The Town That Dreaded Sundown instead.

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