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Pursued (2004)Pursued (2004)
iMDB Rating: 5.2

Date Released : 20 September 2006

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Stars : Christian Slater, Gil Bellows, Estella Warren, Michael Clarke Duncan

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Wall Street's leading headhunter Vincent Palmer isn't just extremely good in finding the ideal executives for corporate top jobs and offering them a deal hard to resist. His special knack is making them sign even if they really don't want to. Such a hard nut is Benjamin 'Ben' Keats, who invented a brilliant persons tracking device and is committed to his partners and staff to use it to launch their firm VizTrack on the stock exchange. Vincent pulls all seductive stops with Ben, his wife and daughter, in vain. Then he hints even murder is in his repertoire. Ben checks out that's true but decides ti fight back.

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(Spoiler Alert) Like a hungry leopard totally focused on his pray we see at the beginning of the film "Pursued" corporate recruiter Vincent Plamer, Christian Slater, zero in on his helpless victim business executive John Blakely, Kevin McNulty,and get him to join the firm that he's being employed by. Blakely was forced to quit his family business, and let it go bankrupt, by Plamer blackmailing him in his wife's death whom he murdered.

Now working for Seattle high-tech giant Resdat who's CEO William Carey, Andrew Stevens, gives Palmer a million dollars and instructions to tear top executive Ben Keats, Gil Bellows,away from the up and coming chemical company Viztrak. The company is about to release a low-jack-type formula that when ingested can track down lost children missing persons pets or escaped criminals anywhere on earth.

Plamer at first tries to get Bellows to quit Viztrak and take over the management of Carey's company by offering millions in salary and stock options. Still Bellows want's nothing to do with Carey or his firm Resdat feeling obligated and being loyal to the owner of Viztrak Franklin, Michael Clark Duncan, who he looks up to as a father figure and well as his good friend and employer.

It's when he feels that money can't reel Bellows in that Plamer turns obsessive pestering and harassing not only Ben Bellows but his wife Emily, Estella Warren, and even his young daughter Alison, Conchita Campball, night and day on the phone! I started to wonder just how much Plamer's monthly cell-phone bill was? in the thousands?

Plamer also goes as far as trying to split up the workers at the Viztrak firm by planting rumors that Bellows was leaving it for Resdat. Plamer even plants bugs in Bellows home office and even car to get all the info he can on him driving the poor man almost out of his mind.

Getting the confidential information, by having a bug planted in his home on Viztark's CEO Franklin's inoperable brain tumor Plamer sneaks into his mansion and shoots him to death leaving a suicide note, and gun in Fanklin's hand, blaming Bellows actions of leaving his company for driving him to kill himself.

At Franklin's funeral Plamer shows up inciting Bellows, who instinctively knew that he was behind Franklin's murder not suicide, to attack him. Which put the hysterical Bellows in the county jail and right where Plamer wanted him; to sign on the dotted line and join Carey's company Resdat if Bellows wants him to drop all charges.

The ending of the movie "Pursued" is a bit of a let-down with Bellows and his friend and corporate fraud expert Robert Langford, Scott Hyland, tricking Plamer into drinking the Viztrak formula and thus be able to track down his movements in order to trap him in committing a felony. That would put Plamer away from pestering people like Bellows, and is family, once in for all.

It was hard to believe that Palmer could have gotten away with his sleazy activities all this time and not once be set up and caught by the local police and those he was victimizing. You also also why Bellows never went to the police to report him in the first place? Plamer himself was so boastful about his underhanded actions, including the murder of John Blakely's wife, that all it would have taken was for the police to check up on his past criminal adventures that he so openly bragged about! Plamer even bragged about his crimes when he was pressuring Bellows in jail, where the walls have ears, in order to get him to join the chemical firm Resdat or end up behind bars himself.

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