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Paranoia, sueños recurrentes (2005)Paranoia, sueños recurrentes (2005)
iMDB Rating: 6.7

Date Released : 2 August 2005

Genre : Thriller

Stars : Alexandro Aldrete, José Allende, Octavio Amor, Leticia Hache

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Carlos Uribe, is a young photographer that is in a hypnosis treatment without any progress. Carlos amnesia makes him forget extreme emotional situations. In the city, the media is informing about some strange women murderesses, finding the victims in the desert near to the city. The "Desert Killer", is the name the media has given to this serial killer, who has very peculiar characteristics in his "modus operandi", for instance; he's obsession to take photos of his victims and sending them to the newspaper. A red note journalist of the "Cronnica Roja" newspaper, Ivan Contreras, is reading the newspaper, while taking a break at one of the parks of the city, suddenly he gets angry when he realizes that his press release was not published, he then calls his boss to complain about it. Ivan has worked in this newspaper all his life, he has seen a lot of blood through the years as a reporter and his! only goal is to have his notes published in this newspaper day after day. Carlos has ...

Review :

Puzzle Movie

Paranoia made be blackout like 2 days; Every time I remember it I think in the all the connections, symbols, about what was real and what didn't.

I don't know another people, but it remind me a lot of Lost Highway, Memento but with the photography of Pi. I think it's a real psychological thriller, really potty man.

I saw the web site the other day y like the minimalistic style, only white and black, it's very cool.

I would like more movies like this, movie that made me ask and that give me some material to think about, and not only give all the information already chewing.

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