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Mater Dei (2000)Mater Dei (2000)
iMDB Rating: 5.1

Date Released : 11 January 2007

Genre : Thriller

Stars : Fernando Alves Pinto, Luís Bacceli, Gabriel Braga Nunes, Milhem Cortaz." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Pretentious, empty pile of tripe that occupied half a dozen screens for a week back in 2000. Probably wasn't even released on video, so anyone interested - why I have no idea - would probably need to look for it on cable TV around 3am.

To save face after the movie bombed, the Minardi brothers claimed it was always supposed to be an art-house release for a limited audience. That's probably why they hired popular, talentless soap opera stars for the main parts.

Screenwriter Diogo Mainardi went as far as using his weekly column in Veja magazine to claim the awful reviews were bought and paid for by his political enemies. He probably didn't realize Veja's own movie critic struggled to say anything positive about Mater Dei.

Surprisingly, no sequels are planned.

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