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The Last Kennedy (2003)The Last Kennedy (2003)
iMDB Rating: 4.2

Date Released : 1 October 2004

Genre : Thriller, Drama

Stars : Darla Rothman, Teddi Haynes, Lynn Merrill, Richard Culver

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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This compelling and disturbing psychological drama tracks the lives of Walter Lee Fitzgerald and his wife Linda through a government conspiracy centered on changing the outcome of a future presidential election. The film weaves its way through the minds of the pawns who would change history, the candidate at risk and the conspirators manipulating the buttons. As told by Linda Fitzgerald, unwittingly used in the plot, this haunting and gripping American tragedy transcends mere film going and becomes an experience that can't be forgotten.

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Better than The Manchurian Candidate

This is an amazing film for several reasons. First is the presentation. The Last Kennedy tracks what could be any man. It doesn't take a huge star, big budget nor special effects to carry its message on a grassroots level. Second is the acting, excellent performances all around with Culver himself deserving an award for his final scene. Third the quality alone speaks for itself. Projected on the big screen this digital format is as good or better than 35mm. I highly recommend The Last Kennedy; it makes The Manchurian Candidate look like a walk in the park. Its message is powerful and well delivered, and it is highly deserving of domestic release.

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Watch The Last Kennedy (2003) Online