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Fu-Rai (2005)Fu-Rai (2005)
iMDB Rating: 5.8

Date Released : 6 August 2005

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Stars : Shûgo Oshinari, Ayaka Maeda, Kazuo Yashiro, Fumiaki Mitsuyama

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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One day, when four young people- three men and one woman- wake up in the morning, they find themselves in a small room filled with white powder, naked. Why have they been brought here? What is this room mean to be? Who brought them to this mysterious room? And most of all, how can they escape?

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Review :

Short, but interesting

I was hoping this would be like Cube - the idea of 4 people waking up in a room not knowing why. As they try to figure out what is going on, certain pieces are slowly revealed, up til the conclusion which pretty much explains all. The characters are pretty dumb in the way they behave, and I found that a little detracting. Also, the overall concept is not as complex as Cube, however it was still pretty interesting.

It runs a little short timewise, which probably works best for it.

I just feel bad for the guy playing Kim who spends a good bit walking around holding his privates to keep them from being off camera, though in the situations, you'd think that'd be the least of his concens.

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