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Eolguleobtneun minyeo (2004)Eolguleobtneun minyeo (2004)
iMDB Rating: 6.5

Date Released : 6 August 2004

Genre : Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Stars : Hye-su Kim, Tae-woo Kim, Chang Yun, Jeong-su Han

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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A psychiatrist fails to help a mental patient during her stay in hospital. The doctor becomes obsessed with his former patient, seeks her on the outside and uses hypnosis to fulfill his sexual desires.

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Review :

A Bellyload of Tofu!

Kim Hyu-Soo has gone a long way since the day she started, no more so than when I saw her in "Puppy Terminator".

Hypnotized is a different genre that somehow showcases the other acting talent of Kim Hyu-Soo, a far-cry from her old sweet role then, but was surprised a bit to see her nary a stitch, cavorting in bed with her 2 leading men! In fairness, she gave justice to her role of a neurotic who's out for vengeance in search of her man in the past, only to end up killing her 2nd lover.

This movie is very apt for exhibition in the European community since this type usually gets noticed and receives citations if not awards. And in the district of the South American continent as well, where few films of merit go unrecognized; And Africa too, where it is said many & many fine cinematic gemstones are pried from the crown of World Filmdom; Let's not also forget the Hollywood and the North America region where I am hoping that this movie would also be given importance, nor Oceania -- not discluding the Pacific rim.

Granted, certain events depicted in the final half-hour coerced me to puke the contents of my stomach all over my own sofa, but Korean movies have gone a long way, quality-wise and this movie deserves a commendation. Congratulations.

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