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Cargo (2006)Cargo (2006)
iMDB Rating: 5.0

Date Released : 10 March 2006

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Stars : Peter Mullan, Daniel Brühl, Luis Tosar, Samuli Edelmann

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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A young backpacker gets into some trouble in Africa and stows away on a cargo ship heading to Europe.

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Review :

Merely Stupid.

The theme seems somewhat of interest, and it could have held attention if it were not for Daniel Brühl's character, "Chris", who is annoying to an extreme. For some reason, that the viewer is never able to understand, the incredibly innocuous Chris is able to screw up everything he touches from scene one until the grand finale. Anyone with even half a brain, finding himself in such a perilous state, would lay the lowest profile possible in an attempt to merely survive - which is the exact opposite route taken by Brühl's highly infantile and ridiculous character. After 30 minutes into the flick, you come to detest the guy's guts, wishing that the hostile crew would just fling the half-wit overboard and get it over with.

Do yourself a favour - skip this flop.

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