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Beneath (2007)Beneath (2007)
iMDB Rating: 5.3

Date Released : 7 August 2007

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Stars : Nora Zehetner, Brenna O'Brien, Carly Pope, Don S. Davis

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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In Edgemont, Montana, the teenager Christy Wescot is very connected to her beloved sister Vanessa Locke. On her fourteenth birthday, Christy asks Vanessa to drive her convertible car, but she has a car accident, hits a rock and is thrown off the seat; however Vanessa is trapped in the car that explodes and she survives disfigured and totally burnt. Christy is sent to Pine Bluff Psychiatric Care Center for treatment while her sister is treated by her husband Dr. John Locke at home with the assistance of the nurse Claire Wells. When Vanessa has a heart attack and dies, Christy has a breakdown in the funeral service telling that her sister is alive in the coffin. Then she moves to California for the pre-med, but is haunted by nightmares and weird visions. When the caretaker of the family Joseph dies six years later, Christy returns to Edgemont for the funeral and has a cold reception by John and his mother. However, her niece Amy that is afraid of "dark things" behind the walls of the ...

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Review :

Not bad, but not good either. Certainly not scary...

I expected a bit much, since I made the mistake to read the "Diamond among pearls" comment. Back to reality: the acting is mediocre towards bad, the story is boring and the scary stuff is just a girl having weird visions. The fact that overall it makes sense is a plus, especially for the "psychically sensitive girl that no one believes" subtype of the horror genre.

Bottom line: this is more of a psychic thriller and not a horror movie. The last part, while it conveniently ties all the loose ends, is way too convenient, more of a moral compromise that breaks the slightly better feel of the story coming to a quasi-logical finale. I can easily imagine all the actors playing in a third rate soap opera, so don't expect a lot better acting that that.

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