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Twisted Illusions 2 (2004)Twisted Illusions 2 (2004)
iMDB Rating: 3.5

Date Released : 15 October 2004

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Stars : Jasi Cotton Lanier, Joel D. Wynkoop, Larry Joe Treadway, Kevin Bangos

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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20 years ago, Tim Ritter and Joel Wynkoop started their careers with a little anthology movie called TWISTED ILLUSIONS. Joined by filmmaker John Bowker, they've now come full circle in this exciting and highly-anticipated sequel. In a grand salute to the drive-in era of moviemaking, these skilled auteurs deliver three uniquely TWISTED tales of horror and suspense. John Bowker digs up BETRAYAL, a story of revenge from beyond the grave. Joel D. Wynkoop is a triple threat actor/director/star (co-written by M. Catherine Holseybrook) with his segment called THE PART, following an actor who goes over the edge trying to get a horror movie role. And lastly, writer/director Tim Ritter returns to form with a bizarre 40-minute suspense piece about a woman (scream queen Jasi Cotton Lanier) being stalked by a maniac for the most unorthodox reasons imaginable in DEXTER DEADBEAT. Truly, this is the sequel fans have been waiting for!

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Review :

Not all at once, people

Oh, OK, so nobody has anything at all to say about Tim Ritter's newest film? Twisted Illusions 2 has been around for like 5 years now, and nothing? Well, fine, I'll say something!

Florida's most talented independent filmmaker, Tim Ritter is back with a new B-epic, and this time he's not alone. Ritter joins forces (as director) with John Bowker, and the legendary Joel D. Wynkoop to bring us a 3-part, Creepshow-esquire anthology straight out of Drive-in hell. The long-awaited sequel to the one that started it all, Twisted Illusions 2.

"Betrayal" shows us what can happen when a heart-broken woman, who is into witchcraft, decides to test out her new book, without really thinking things through. Havoc is distributed all around. Short and sweet. A decent warm up for what's to come.

"The Part" is Wynkoop just being Wynkoop, which is as awesome as it sounds. Wynkoop directs, and stars as a "reformed" psychotic who is let out of the nut house (Sunnyville) only to audition for a role in a horror movie. The role of a psychotic killer. Time to get into character. My personal favorite of the 3.

"Dexter Deadbeat" is all Ritter, and it shows with true low-budget quality. Nearly an entire movie on it's own. Ritter casts the wife as a woman with a shady past, who is being stalked by a relentless maniac who will stop at nothing until he gets the tapes. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Twisted Illusions 2 is the sequel to a movie I have yet to see. Twisted Illusions is seemingly nowhere to be found, but isn't necessary to grasp this one. As far as this one goes, I'm downright impressed. Ain't nothing' like high-quality z-grade. Ritter and gang deliver every single time, budget be damned. You never expect something that was shot-on-video to be put together this nicely, or to really hold your attention, but things always seem to turn out that way when Tim Ritter is involved. Highly recommended, and I also highly recommend that Ritter make more movies, and while you're at it, invite Asbestos Felt. 7/10

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Streaming Twisted Illusions 2 (2004) Online