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Track (1999)Track (1999)
iMDB Rating: 5.4

Date Released : 15 April 2003

Genre : Action, Thriller

Stars : Robert Hiob, Andreas Marschall, Zach Montez, Roland Stemmer." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Review :

good story, average acting, bad synchronisation

Although this is a German movie it was filmed in English - and I advise anybody to watch in it English and NOT in German. The synchro is as good as in any cheap porno - the actors sound bored and as if they wanted to finish their job as quickly as possible; also the sound quality is pretty bad.

The acting is bearable, not bad, just as good as I expected - but the story is great.

After an introduction to the story which is a bit too stretched but after some time it gets on and on, always turning unexpectedly in another direction.

The plot is cold and violent but remains believable. It can be summarized in a few words:

two corrupt police officers get involved with another corrupt officer and plan to blackmail 3M$. Everything is planned but also everybody has a plan on his own and eventually everything turns out to be a bit different than they expected...

I think this movie is more like Wild Things than Tarantino-style, only with more blood than in Wild Things. Besides the technical sound aspect and the slow beginning the only thing I disliked was the ending.

I gave it 7/10.

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