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Say Nothing (2001)Say Nothing (2001)
iMDB Rating: 4.8

Date Released : 16 December 2001

Genre : Drama, Romance, Thriller

Stars : Nastassja Kinski, Hart Bochner, William Baldwin, Jordy Benattar

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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An ex-model, now a wife and mother, takes a break from her out-of-work husband, who's been surly and drinking heavily. She goes to a Miami resort for a couple of days where she meets a stranger with whom she has a 24-hour fling. She returns home to a renewed husband who has found a job and put aside the bottle. Turns out, he's been hired by the same man with whom she had the affair. She says nothing, and little by little, the boss drives a wedge between the couple, playing one against the other. Soon she and her husband are separated and in a custody battle. Will they come to their senses and realize who is manipulating them? What if he stops at nothing?

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Say interesting effort

This film is not groundbreaking. I assume everyone was hired with the knowledge that they were shooting a story for Cinemax, and that they wanted quality in the production...but anything else was optional. It is not horribly bad, it just offers nothing new. Cut out the sex scenes and you have a Lifetime TV movie. But since this is Cinemax, we see a little more skin.

I thought I read somewhere that Nastassja Kinski wasn't doing anymore nude scenes. Scratch that. Well...almost. There are some topless scenes with William Baldin, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Basically, this is Fatal Attraction in reverse. One difference is that nothing is as extreme as that film. No pets are boiled, etc. Kinski has a one night stand with Baldwin, who then sets out to wreck her marriage with Hart Bochner, who plays her husband. Baldwin plays a millionaire power player in a global corporation, and offers Bochner a prime position in his company. Of course the poor husband has no clue why he is being hired. This infuriates Kinski, and the manipulation continues.

I was quite entertained by the first two thirds of this film. The last third simply gets a little dull. Nothing too drastic really happens, just a lot of power play by Baldwin's character, which threatens the Bochner/Kinski marriage. It fizzles out.

The interesting thing about it is that Kinski plays an ex-model very close to her real life persona. Her past history as a top model is emphasized by showing her famous "Kinski and the serpent" pose by Avedon, her Andy Warhol tribute, etcetera. Kinski still looks fantastic as ever, does an okay job as the stalked wife. Her little girl voice is out of place at times, but there are a few instances where she overcomes that liability, and belts out her anger in a real woman's voice. My favorite scene is when she has an argument with Baldwyn in the men's room, he leaves, and a stranger who couldn't help but overhear walks out of a stall. She glares at him and yells, "WHAT!" I would have liked more of this. Baldwyn is properly snooty and oily, and Hart Bochner gives another unique performance as the betrayed husband.

It's just too bad that it all added up to not a whole lot of anything in the end.

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