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Runway (2004)Runway (2004)
iMDB Rating: 6.2

Date Released : 24 April 2004

Genre : Action, Comedy, Thriller

Stars : Dilip, Kavya Madhavan, Indrajith, Harisree Asokan

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Unni, who his family thinks is an NRI, is actually a smuggler known as Walayar Paramasivam. Problems arise when his finance finds out his identity and his brother becomes a police officer who is in pursuit of Paramasivam.

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An earnest effort by Dileep to get into action films. Not much of dishum dishum. Our hero uses his brains. Muscle power is not used in this action flick.

The story. Dileep's family, which consists of his mother, brother, and sister stay in the village. They believe that Dileep is in Dubai. Everything is fine. They run their family with the money sent by Dileep. Kavya Madhavan and her father are this family's neighbors. Dileep's sister and mom like Kavya and they want her to marry Dileep.

Just before the wedding Dileep has a confession to make to Kavya. He tells her the truth that he has never been to Dubai. All the while he was in Valayar. Dileep's brother who is a inspector is trying to trace down a don from valayar. Do this don and Dileep have any connection? To crack this truth you must watch RUNWAY.

RUNWAY is a well-executed film. Cinematography by P Sukumaran is good especially in the song sequences. Music by Suresh Peters is soothing. Screenplay is loose at places. Performance wise Dileep has put in sincere efforts. Kavya as usual us good. Indrajeet is okay. Rest lend adequate support. Overall RUNWAY is a good entertainer.

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Streaming Runway (2004) Online