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Reality Check (2002)Reality Check (2002)
iMDB Rating: 3.4

Date Released : 15 July 2002

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Stars : Vanessa Christel Cambell, Natalia Cigliuti, Timothy Lee DePriest, Nate Dushku

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Four young women and three young men, totally strangers to each other, are sent to an isolated house with the crew members of a reality show to stay living together for three months without any means of communication with the exterior, and in the end, the winner will get a prize of US$ 100,000.00. When the cameraman is found dead in a barn, the group becomes hysterical, since nobody knows who is trustful.

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Review :

It's not horror, but just a very bad thriller

It's supposed to be one of those slasher movies I favor - but it's not. I was deeply disappointed with this film. It's as if you take a few girls and guys from a Big Brother camp and put them in a lodge out in the woods, miles from any civilization. They're supposed to stay there for six months and winner gets a hundred thousand dollars - but soon it becomes apparent that one of them doesn't want anybody to survive and get the money. Then the killing starts - members of the crew and the candidates perish one by one. The killings are far from gruesome (the victims are stunned by what looks like electrical shocks and then killed by getting a lethal injection), there is lots of foul language, a few sick jokes, a badly done sex scene, lots of screams and virtually no suspense. I forced to keep my eyes open just to watch it to the end, but it wasn't worth my time. If you consider to watch this movie, well, I'd advise you to rather watch a couple of hours Big Brother instead. That's as dull as "Reality Check", but at least with BB you know you can't expect anything and therefore won't be disappointed - and you won't waste any money. Jasper P. Morgan

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