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Purgatory Flats (2003)Purgatory Flats (2003)
iMDB Rating: 5.6

Date Released : 14 February 2010

Genre : Thriller

Stars : Vincent Ventresca, Brian Austin Green, Jason Brooks, John Jabaley

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Driving drunk, Thomas Reed causes a car crash, fatal for his wife, and gets jailed for 5 years. Yet he feels like punishing himself afterward by moving to Californian small town Purgatory Flats, where he works as a humble barman. Suddenly he witnesses a shooting and volunteers to help the wounded Owen Mecklin, whose brothers Dean and Randy drag him further into their own crime life. Owen's sexy wife Sunny seduces 'Doc'. Local detective Travis McGill gets their trail. But treason proves the gravest luring danger.

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Review :

Good Solid Flick

After spending five years in prison, Dr. Thomas Reed, played by the incomparable Vincent Ventresca, exiles himself to Purgatory Flats and winds up tending bar. He soon meets the luscious, angel-faced Sunny (Alexandra Holden). "You are wicked." he tells her. "You have no idea." she replies as she sips her Slo Comfortable Screw and languidly drags on her cig. Reed finds himself entwined in the violent troubles of her family and the femme fatale story unfolds set against the desolation and desperation of the oil-drained western town.

Canny direction. Great performances. Superb entourage work. And some lust scenes that sizzle like the sun in Purgatory.

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