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The Proposal (2001)The Proposal (2001)
iMDB Rating: 5.4

Date Released : 2 April 2002

Genre : Thriller, Drama

Stars : Jennifer Esposito, Nick Moran, Stephen Lang, William B. Davis

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Terry Martin is the false name of an undercover cop posing as a fence to burrow into a gang run by Simon Bacig. After six months, Terry is closing in when Simon invites him to a party and tells him to bring his wife. His boss assigns him a rookie cop, Susan Reece, fresh from a data job in Kansas City. Terry wants her in and out the same night, but she wants a permanent assignment so she contrives to get Simon's attention. Terry must now pretend to live with her. Within a few days, the FBI warns Terry that Simon may have an informant within the police department, Terry discovers he really likes Susan, and he learns that she already knows Simon. Who's in danger from whom?

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Review :

Surprisingly good movie ............

Nick Moran is a paranoid undercover cop, with Jennifer Esposito as his fake wife, brought into the investigation of a dangerous crime boss so he doesn't blow his cover. The two play off each other, at first bickering incessantly, until eventually a romantic attraction develops. All of this happens while they are attempting to tape incriminating evidence on gangster Stephen Lang. The acting by Moran, Esposito, and especially Lang, is good, and the twisty script has a few surprises. There are also some welcome moments of humor in the film. The only problem is , we have a movie without an acceptable ending. The finale is rushed, with unrealistic gun play, and tries for too many twists that just don't work. "The Proposal" is entertaining, if you can look beyond the flawed conclusion. - MERK

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Streaming The Proposal (2001) Online