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Ojos que no ven (2003)Ojos que no ven (2003)
iMDB Rating: 7.0

Date Released : 13 February 2003

Genre : Crime, Thriller, Drama

Stars : Gianfranco Brero, Gustavo Bueno, Patricia Pereyra, Paul Vega

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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The film ties six stories during the days when the "vladivideos" (tapes where Vladimiro Montesinos, the Peruvian's president councellor, is recorded while he was buying opposite politics) have appeared causing the fall of Fujimori's government in Peru.

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Review :

makes traffic look like

this movie was similar to Traffic in some ways and runs about the same length I really wanted it to end but only to find out what would happen I had no idea it was such a long movie while watching. It's way better than Traffic though!!!! Especially delectable is this whole sort of whimsical poetic aspect. . . that comes from one of the characters who is obsessed with movies.

Also another thing about it that was cool is it kind of wraps up relatively quickly given the scale and a lot of stuff happens in such rapid succession that it really takes you a while to sort out all this sh*t that happens, you spend the first 20 minutes after the movie's end sort of reevaluating who a number of these people were you've watched for 2.5 hours analyzing all this information that has just been conveyed very subtly in the various interlocking denouments (sic).


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Streaming Ojos que no ven (2003) Online