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Lost Things (2003)Lost Things (2003)
iMDB Rating: 5.1

Date Released : 17 May 2003

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Stars : Leon Ford, Lenka Kripac, Steve Le Marquand, Charlie Garber

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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The teenagers Gary (Leon Ford), Brad (Chalie Garber), Emily (Lenka Kripac) and Tracey (Alex Vaughan) travel in a Kombi to a desert paradisiacal beach and spend the weekend together, the boys expecting to surf and have sex with the girls. When they arrive, they meet the older Zippo (Steve Le Marquand), and they have the sensation of Déjà vu with weird events, feeling that they had previously been in that place. Along the Saturday, they see that they are actually trapped in a nightmare.

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Review :

outdoor chills

Other comments here allude to fake reviews by marketing or crew persons hyping the film out of proportion. This sometimes is used to attract international sales. My review is not one of those. If you want to amuse yourself by reading deliberately hoaxed reviews have a look at LIQUID BRIDGE, THE PACT, SUMMER CITY and all the films produced or directed by Phil Avalon. You will find they are all rave reviews for hilariously awful amateurish failures. Just cross connect any film with his name on them and get set for a night of uproarious laughter. Also, the new release WOLF CREEK will be the next title to get cast and crew rave reviews all out of proportion to its lame sad reality. Anyway.......LOST THINGS seems like a first feature by a new Australian film maker who just might go on to better things. And I do not mean SWIMFAN 2. One SWIMFAN was bad enough. LOST THINGS however, is a daylight horror film - a very difficult genre of film to get right. This one does, first go. Viewers might be readily assisted by first seeing classics like THE INNOCENTS and DEAD OF NIGHT to get a sense of the eerie outdoor chills this neat low budget thriller has to offer. In the 70s there was a horror cycle of pix in Australia and two well made examples LOST THINGS subconsciously owes a lot of imagery and style to are THE LONG WEEKEND with John Hargreaves, also set on a scary beach, and SUMMERFIELD which was a sunny setting for deadly menace. I would also pointer the truly chilling British film THE WICKER MAN to add a clear sense of what LOST THINGS has to offer. This new Australian pic seems made for almost nothing and looks to be shot on bleached 16mm, enlarged for a welcome cinema release. There are some mistakes in the production, some clunky editing, some wobbly acting moments, and it overcomes all of them. Older teens would love this film and it offers some real scares and major mind games. Well done! Whoever you are. An un necessary gruesome remake almost seems inevitable once Hollywood sees this and decides to make it more explicit and simple.

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