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The Insatiable (2007)The Insatiable (2007)
iMDB Rating: 5.3

Date Released : 1 November 2006

Genre : Comedy, Horror, Romance, Thriller

Stars : Sean Patrick Flanery, Michael Biehn, Charlotte Ayanna, Jon Huertas

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Harry Balbo, a nerdy and spineless flange salesman, witness a violent killing by a gorgeous female vampire in a alley. Nobody believes him, neither does the police. Obsessed by the woman, Harry soon contacts a neighbor named Strickland, who is a vampire hunter, because he wants to find her. They begin to track the zone where she hunts to locate her refuge...

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Review :

Much better than I expected

This movie is like a much better remake of Dance of The Damned. Idiots who don't like this movie,know absolutely nothing about vampire legend,lore,background or movies. Vampires are all about being sexy+lustful. Vampire movies are not about some "bad guy" running around killing people. If you want those kinda flicks,stick to Freddy+Jason. This film was very well done and really it's worst flaw is (like a lot of big studio films) poor casting. Sean Patrick Flannery is a capable actor but completely wrong for this flick. His part should have gone to someone like Jon Cryer,but,Sean's career isn't flourishing like Jon's. If want to see what's basically the original of this film,find Dance of The Damned. (It's a vampire love story anyway) It was later remade into To Sleep With a Vampire with Alyssa Milano+Scott Valentine... now that was a complete waste of film.

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