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I triti nyhta (2003)I triti nyhta (2003)
iMDB Rating: 6.0

Date Released : 17 January 2003

Genre : Mystery, Thriller

Stars : Giannis Vouros, Dimitra Hatoupi, Christina Theodoropoulou, Katerina Tsavalou." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Review :

Total lack of tension...

A plane flying from Alexandroupolis to Athens disappears from the radars on a summer night. It is thought to have fallen in the ocean. Alki (Katerina Tsavalou), a 16-year old girl, is expecting her father for her birthday celebration. Her mother got married to her former husband's best friend and collaborator, shortly after the divorce. Another woman, Athina (Dimitra Hatoupi) has just given birth to a child and expects the father to show up. Danai, a young girl is expecting Konstantinos to take a long trip with him. The finale (which takes place on the 3rd night of the story) will reveal how these apparently unrelated persons are connected.

Director Dimitris Panayiotatos was always fascinated by thrillers, a genre that is sadly missing from Greek cinema. His filmography consists of mild erotic and mystery features that never enjoyed any success. The problem is that Panayiotatos' works were always compromised in order to satisfy both art-house and thriller/fantasy audiences. His attempted mixture never worked as his movies were always too lighthearted for the thriller and horror audiences and too weird for the art-house audiences.

This is also the case with THE THIRD NIGHT, a film which tries to sell itself as a mystery thriller but is actually a slow-moving art-house film which lacks the tension and the shocks a thriller needs. Total lack of tension: this is the main flaw of the movie. Characters endlessly discussing situations the director never bothers to depict (the plane crash for example) - this is another serious problem. The females are sexy (often appearing in swimming suits) but there isn't the slightest hint at sex here. The twist ending hardly comes as a surprise after the utter boredom of the first 75 minutes. THE THIRD NIGHT lacks all the commercial elements that could have made it a success, or at least an interesting movie. Panayiotatos' picture flopped and its no wonder he hasn't directed anything since. The cast members (mostly television actors) deliver performances that range from lousy to passable and fail to make the viewer care about the characters. Panayiotatos directs competently although that is hardly enough to make the picture interesting. Overall, THE THIRD NIGHT looks and feels like a television movie and it would have probably worked better that way. Greece needs uncompromising and adventurous filmmakers in order to put itself on the fantasy cinema map. Next please…

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Streaming I triti nyhta (2003) Online