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The Coffin (2008)The Coffin (2008)
iMDB Rating: 4.4

Date Released : 30 October 2008

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Stars : Ananda Everingham, Florence Faivre, Andrew Lin, Karen Mok

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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In Thailand, there are people that believe that if they lay down in a coffin they will cheat death and bring good luck. The bride Sue Wong leaves her fiancé Jack in Hong Kong expecting to heal her lung cancer and she is successful; however Jack dies. The skeptic Chris also participates in the ceremony to help his beloved Mariko. However he panics in the claustrophobic situation and dies for 6 minutes and 42 seconds. They have weird visions of ghosts and strange things happen with them. Sue and Chris visit Professor Thanachai that advised them that they should repeat the burial to resolve their issues and stop the curse.

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Review :

A very strange custom sets the story for some strange happenings...

This is a foreign film and with foreign films, I prefer the subtitles over the dubbed versions. Dubbed versions most always suck because it will look like the entire movie is out of sync. So, if you don't like to read, then either get the dubbed version or stay away completely. I don't mind to read, I even go as far as putting English subtitles on English-speaking movies so I don't miss anything when the dialog gets quiet. Foreign horror films are usually more scary than American horror films and it's why we adapt them (or try our best to) for us.

Let me just get straight to the plot of this one. We have a runaway bride, who is harboring a secret, who sees a Thai ritual on TV. The ritual goes something like this -- you lie down in the coffin for an undisclosed amount of time and when they bring you out of the coffin, whatever it is you were praying for or asking for, it happens. Most people are going for themselves, like the runaway bride. Others are going for someone they love, people in comas, people with cancer, etc etc. The only thing is... once they're brought out... strange phenomenons start to happen, like hallucinations and scary ghost-like figures appearing out of the blue (for some reason, the director really loved the color blue while filming this one). The story actually follows two different people, the runaway bride and the other guy. They both do the whole burial thing for there own reasons. After they can't take all the weirdness that is happening to them (separately, it's sort of like watching two films on the same subject), they seek help and go to a historian about the Thai ritual and eventually they meet up and realize they have the same problem. In order to break the curse, they have to be buried again and so-forth...

There are actually a lot of moments in this one that made me jump. Sure, they were cheap shots, but these guys are good at it! They were all genuine and caught me completely off guard. Nothing to give me nightmares or make me screaming for mommy, but I did jump nonetheless. The pacing does seem to drag on and on in some scenes but it's all the more fun when they slow a movie completely down to an almost dead stop and then RAWR! The music is hauntingly beautiful and the make-up was almost on par as a Hollywood production. Their use of CGI with the fire was downright laughable, however and killed what was supposed to be an intense scene. The way the movie was shot made me seem it was done by an amateur -- I'm not sure of the guy's credentials, but some scenes were extremely red, others very blue and a lot very dark. The dialog was (or seemed to me anyway) very bad. Perhaps the subtitles weren't all that great, but even if they were half wrong, then the dialog still half sucked. I couldn't imagine the subs would be 100% wrong.

There you have it. It will make you jump in some places, but overall, I can't recommend it because it moves at a snail's pace and chances are you'll mix the characters up a lot like I did and have to sit there and go.... now that the one who......or is she the one that...... OK, now....who this and what is he talking about? But, don't fret, because Hollywood's well of creativity will most likely be hitting a dry spell soon and they'll remake this one and tone down all the scary parts, slap a PG-13 rating on it, mass market it and spoon feed it to America.

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Final Grade: C-

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