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Bunhongsin (2005)Bunhongsin (2005)
iMDB Rating: 5.8

Date Released : 30 June 2005

Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Stars : Hye-su Kim, Seong-su Kim, Yeon-ah Park, Su-hee Go

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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After finding that her husband is unfaithful and cheats her with a lover, Sun-jae moves to a decadent cheap apartment at Goksung Station with her daughter Han Tae-soo. While traveling home in the subway, Sun-jae finds a pair of red shoes and brings them home. Tae-soo becomes fascinated by the shoes, which brings greed and jealousy to whoever sees them, while Sun-jae has visions and nightmares with ghosts and blood. When her friend Kim-mi Hee steals the shoes, she has an accident and dies. Meanwhile, the architect decorator Cho-in Choi that is dating Sun-jae, researches and discloses that the mystery is related to a picture of 1944. His further investigation unravels the tragic fate of the original owner of the shoes.

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Review :

Shoe obsession with a twist, please.

This is another fine movie from South Korea. Great sound and image quality are the minimum requirements for this industry and in this movie they are perfectly fulfilled.

Besides the footage quality, you immediately feel involved in the movie's action and suspense by the way the several camera angles are shot and each image is carefully chosen. Adding the great and creeping soundtrack you have a great combination for a horrifying atmosphere.

To go with a nice technical setup you will encounter an original plot surrounding a single mother, her daughter and a pair of pink shoes. I rather not tell anything else about the plot for as it grows it becomes very interesting and appealing and it would be a shame to ruin any surprises. All I can say is that they all perform very well! (including the shoes)

However there is just one subject I'm not pleased with, a few suspense and horror parts are too typical. I mean, the woman in a white gown looking down with her big black hair over her face is getting a little bit too annoying.

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