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The Breed (2006)The Breed (2006)
iMDB Rating: 4.9

Date Released : 1 June 2006

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Stars : Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson, Taryn Manning, Eric Lively. A group of five college kids are forced to match wits with unwelcoming residents when they fly to a "deserted" island for a party weekend." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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When the bad boy John inherits an isolated house in an island, he invites his brother and student of veterinary Matt and his girlfriend Nikki together with their common friends Sara and Noah to fly with him in his hydroplane and spend a couple of days having good time in the place. Later Sara is attacked by a dog and they recall that in the other side of the island there was a facility for training dogs that had been shutdown to avoid a rabies outbreak. While walking through the woods, they find a man called Luke, who sailed with his girlfriend Jenny to the island, covered of blood and Luke is killed by a pack of hounds. The group runs to the house and the animals put the place under siege, and they try to find a means of escape. When the survivors reach the compound, they disclose that the dogs have been genetically redesigned to become a breed of killers.

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Review :

Great movie!

Film starts out pretty non-eventful. Random teens go to an island for a weekend of vacation but UH OH, the island is infested by rabid dogs! They don't explain too much about how the dogs get there but it starts off all cuddly when the group of young teens adopts some puppy. The puppy escapes one night and said hot blonde chick who I really wanted to go nude gets bitten by a rabid wild dog! From here you can assume what happens but the dogs all look so innocent and cuddly I couldn't help but make, "OOOH SA BABY BOY!" noises when they came on screen. There's no way those dogs would've hurt me. Anyway, the rest of the plot is unbelievably awesome and why this movie deserves box office gold.

After setting the scene, Mike Vick pops on scene about 45 minutes in with crazy metal background music and start chucking 100 mph footballs at the dogs rescuing the folks. He also starts out running the dogs and using his crazy football moves to dodge their attacks, etc.

Then at the very end, he is going down. He has like 5 dogs cornering him... and Alge Crumpler pops into the scene after gut checking a dog and says, "Looks like you could use some HANDS!" At this point Alge Crumpler is FULL on Falcons uniform and as the camera pans back Mike Vick is now in uniform also but with a ninja mask! Then the two get up and start out-dodging the dogs. Mike Vick continues spamming footballs which auto generate and an F-22 jet starts shooting missiles out of nowhere. Right now we've got crazy guitar playing and Vick is throwing footballs all over and Alge is catching them and power slamming dogs at the same time. The jet is still circling and a commanche helicopter busts onto the scene piloted by Arnold Schwarzeneggar who says calmly, "It's a hell of a day for a dog fight." He naturally blows the F-22 out of the air with no reasoning what so ever. The FX sequence takes at least 3 minutes.

Dogs are getting mowed down all over. One tries to assassinate Vick but he grabs it, electrocutes it, folds it into a ball like object, CHUCKS it at another dog. DOG goes down big time. The Husky and Cuba Gooding Jr. pop out of nowhere but Ahnuld takes em out with double helix style missiles.

This goes on for like 30 minutes and finally it's all over. Vick, Crumpler, Ahnuld and the survivors survey the damage. One dog barks over the horizon and charges in. Ahnuld grins at Vick who says, "Dog eat dog." and charges the dog. They leap at each other and Vick BITES his head off and ROARS, I said ROARS!!!!!!1!!!!!111 The movie ends with hardcore metal playing as the three... Vick/Crumpler/Ahnuld walk outta there. The remaining teens are not shot as nobody gives a **** about them anyway.

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