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The Book of Revelation (2006)The Book of Revelation (2006)
iMDB Rating: 5.3

Date Released : 7 September 2006

Genre : Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Stars : Tom Long, Greta Scacchi, Colin Friels, Deborah Mailman

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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While walking to buy cigarettes, the professional dancer Daniel is abducted and raped over many days by three hooded women. When he is released, the director of his company Isabel has already replaced him in the play and his girlfriend gives him a cold reception. The disturbed and humiliated Daniel leaves the dance company and travels obsessed to seek out the abductors. Daniel has sex with many women that he suspects that might be the kidnappers.

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Review :

Interesting idea, poorly written, muddled execution.

Many questions arise about the making of this film. The first of which is: Why make a film that plays out as little more than an awkward female fantasy? It's one thing to leave an audience with issues to discuss about a film's intent, it's something entirely different to go into the process of writing a script which fails to adequately address real human issues before they are rendered on the screen.

Why the outrageously melodramatic and often comical soundtrack? Why the excessive and frequently clunky dialogue? Why is the lead character's girlfriend one of the hooded abductors? What purpose is there to turning the lead character's freedom from abduction into a joke by having him complete his "mission"? (This is a classic Little Aussie Film moment. Resort to quirky comedy at the most inappropriate moment.) Why so many scenes where absolutely nothing happens? (This accounts for approximately 15 minutes of the film, which is at least 30 minutes too long.) Why, if a man is imprisoned for so many days, does he not endeavor to make a serious attempt at escape?

The Director, who co-wrote the script, has failed on many counts to deliver a satisfactory story.

Dave Garver, Australia.

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Streaming The Book of Revelation (2006) Online