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Beneath the Mississippi (2008)Beneath the Mississippi (2008)
iMDB Rating: 2.9

Date Released : 18 November 2013

Genre : Thriller

Stars : Tim Anderson, Jon Hazell, Nick Murray, Michael Robert Nyman

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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A documentary filmmaker and her crew fight the elements and try to cope with their fears as they seek to understand the strange mystery of a flooded island where hundreds have died.

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Review :

A promising director sunk by poor sound.

An entire town disappeared from an Island on the Mississippi River where Elly Thompson grew up. At age 5 she was with her father when he disappeared, an event that she witnessed but did not understand. She has returned to the area as a documentary filmmaker, and along with her film crew, attempts to find answers. Apparently the others have no knowledge of her personal history with the river. As time goes on we learn that everyone has their own personal fears to deal with. I really hated giving this movie such a low score. I liked the story, thought it was competently directed, and should have been much more watchable than it was. My problems: First, the sound was all over the place. Dialogue that you could barely hear, with Foley and background noises that blew you out of your seat if you turned the volume up enough to hear what was being said. Silverware on the table, footsteps, and oars in the water should not be louder than the spoken word. And even the dialogue rose and fell in volume, from too much to almost inaudible. Please, go back and redo your post work and balance the sound. Or, add subtitles so we can turn the sound off and still know what the characters are saying. Second, the colors were washed out. This may have been intentional and was probably effective for dream sequences and actual documentary footage. But the whole movie shouldn't have been so drained of color in my opinion. Too much of it was made to look like "found" footage when it wasn't. There was more color in the final scenes of the movie than in the earlier hundred minutes combined. If I missed the point of that, or if my copy was just a bad transfer, then I apologize. Third: about 20 minutes too long. Unfortunately many low, low budget filmmakers are so enamored with their masterpiece that they feel that it can't be trimmed. They are usually wrong. They take what could have been a taut thriller and make it drag on and on. Shortening would have added tension and probably made the movie easier to follow. As I said, I hate to give this such a low rating. It could easily have been a 6 or even a 7, especially considering it's low budget roots. But the sound, more than anything else, effectively ruined it.

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